Contraception Options

The patch, pill and ring are birth control methods made with the hormones estrogen and progestin. They are similar to hormones found in the body and they prevent you from getting pregnant in two ways:

  • They stop the eggs from leaving the ovaries.
  • They make cervical mucas thicker, so it’s harder for sperm to reach the eggs. 

information courtesy of Planned Parenthood

Kyleena IUD

Kyleena is a hormone-releasing IUD (intrauterine device) that prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years For more information, visit

Mirena IUD

Mirena is an IUD placed in the uterus that can prevent pregnancy for up to seven years. It may also be used to treat heavy, painful periods. For more information, visit

Paragard IUD

Paragard is a completely hormone free IUD inserted into the uterus that can prevent pregnancy for up to ten years. Paragard is a plastic IUD with a tiny piece of copper wrapped around it. For more information, visit

Nexplanon Implant

Nexplanon is an inch and a half long, flexible implant that is placed in the inner, upper arm. It is well concealed and hidden from view.   Nexplanon can prevent pregnancy for up to three years. For more information, visit

Depo-Provera Injections

Depo-Provera is an injectable birth control method that can prevent pregnancy for up to twelve to fourteen weeks. Injections are typically administered every thirteen weeks.