Toys for a Merry, Active Christmas

Only about one-third of American children get as much exercise as experts recommend for optimum health. Encouraging children to embrace exercise can feel like a chore — but it doesn’t have to. Instead, it can open up an exciting avenue for gift-giving this Christmas. Instead of opting for the usual screens, dolls, or cars, consider […]

Are Wild Berries Safe to Eat?

In Northwest Arkansas, you can often find beautiful wild berries. Wild blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries can be good to eat…but what about the other berries, equally beautiful and tempting, that you often meet when hiking or even strolling through the woods and meadows?  It’s important to let kids know that they should not forage for […]

Holiday Stress

Holidays are joyful — and stressful. According to a Healthline survey, 62% of respondents felt more stressed than normal during the holidays. Maybe you have so many commitments, projects, and events that you feel overwhelmed. Or maybe you have so few that you feel like you’re missing out. Perhaps you feel pressure to create a […]

Diabetes and Nutrition

Changing how you eat can help control diabetes, help you feel better, and live a healthy lifestyle. MANA Family Medicine Physician Assistant Cori Steele talks about the basic guidelines for nutrition for diabetics and provides tips for a healthy lifestyle. Cori cares for patients of all ages at MANA Family Medicine in Springdale, Arkansas.

Produce and Prescriptions: Food-Drug Interactions

When you visit your primary care physician, you’re likely to share all the prescriptions and over the counter medications you’re using. Your doctor will carefully check all the medications you’re taking to make sure that there aren’t incompatibilities or interactions among the various medicines you need. You might not realize that there can also be […]

NWAP 40th Anniversary: Founders’ Talk

Founders Drs. Joe T. Robinson and Terry Payton talk with Dr. Andrew Koehler about the history of Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics. Established in 1983, NWAP serves families across Northwest Arkansas with locations in Fayetteville and Rogers. NWAP is now the largest pediatric practice in the state with 19 pediatricians, but it began with two pediatricians with […]

Squash, the Perfect Winter Vegetable

Summer brings us zucchini and pattypan squash, but winter has its own excellent varieties of squash, including butternut, acorn, and delicata squash. Unlike their summery cousins, winter squash have hard skins and last a long time. On the other hand, they may be less familiar. You can just slice summer squash and toss it in […]

Warm Ups and Cool Downs: Who Needs Them?

We all know that exercise is good for us. In face, it’s essential for our physical and mental health at every stage of our lives. Yet just about one quarter of adults get regular exercise, according to the CDC. The number one reason for not meeting the goal? Lack of time. So it should be […]

Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

Diabetes can call for lifestyle changes that require discipline and vigilance. It can be especially challenging during the holidays. Read on for some tips that can make it easier Cherish your routine It’s easier to manage diabetes when you stick to a schedule for meals, blood sugar testing, and medications if you need them. During […]

Should You Worry about Your Gas Stove?

The expression “cooking with gas” means accomplishing something or doing something well. “Now we’re cooking with gas!” would be a way to celebrate success. But it turns out that cooking with a natural gas stove might have some health risks.  Using a gas stove increases exposure to nitrogen dioxide. An EPA study in the 1970s […]