MANA Charitable Giving Programs

MANA physicians and staff identified a need for a venue to provide charitable services to our community in Northwest Arkansas in 2006. The MANA Charitable Fund was established to expand our commitment to care and to contribute to the quality of life of the people in Northwest Arkansas. The Arkansas Community Foundation manages the MANA Charitable Fund.

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  1. Garland M.Thorn, Jr., MD, MANA Family Medicine, Physician Staff Member
  2. Tommy Hinton, MD, MANA Imaging, Physician Staff Member
  3. Stacy Furlow, MD, Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics, Physician Staff Member
  4. James Norys, MD, Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, Physician Staff Member
  5. Daisy Bottoms, RN, MANA Family Medicine, Staff Member
  6. Jaime Vargas, Clinic Director at Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics, Staff Member
  7. Kim Bradley, Clinic Manager at The Breast Center, Staff Member
  8. Danna F. Grear, MD, Retired, Community Member
  9. Judy Harris, Retired Educator, Community Member 
  10. Xochitl Baxter, Arvest Bank, Community Member
  11. Monika Fischer-Massie, MBA, Ph.D., Welcome Health, Community Member


Donate to the MANA Charitable Fund. To donate, visit Arkansas Community Foundation’s website and select your donation to the MANA Charitable Fund, MANA Benevolence Fund, or the Murray T. Harris Scholarship Fund.