5 Reasons to Go to a Walk-in Clinic

Accidents and illness can occur on the weekends. Maybe you’re not feeling well, but your doctor can’t see you until the next day. Or maybe you need medical attention, but don’t want to want to pay ER costs. Here are 5 great reasons to go to a walk-in clinic like MANA’s MediServe Walk-In Clinics.

Walk-in clinics are less expensive than a costly emergency room visit.

Of course, if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911 or head straight to the ER. Your medical emergency won’t always be life-threatening, however. Medical issues like the flu, a sprained ankle, minor injuries, and illnesses don’t require an ER visit. In addition, MediServe Walk-In Clinics do not charge urgent care fees. It costs the same as a regular Office Visit with your insurance.  Here’s a list of all the services Medi-Serve Walk-In Clinics offer.


MediServe Walk-In Clinics are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 7 days a week. This means that if you need medical care before work, or if you start feeling queasy at the end of your work day, or if your rowdy child falls from the slide over the weekend, the doctors at MediServe will be there to help.

2 MediServe locations

Don’t want to deal with traffic driving to your doctor’s office on the other side of town? Well you don’t have to. MediServe has 2 locations in Fayetteville, Arkansas — one on College and one on Wedington.

Walk-in clinics are convenient

There is no need for an appointment, and wait times are short at MediServe Walk-In Clinic. The goal for MediServe is to have a person in the door and back out the door within an hour.

Of course, convenient, quick, and affordable medical care doesn’t mean compromised or rushed medical treatment. You get the same quality health care you expect from any clinic in the MANA network.

MediServe walk-in clinics also accept most insurance, and do not charge urgent care fees. Check the MediServe insurance guide for more information.

MediServe is staffed with MANA physicians.

Visiting a walk-in clinic within your primary care physician’s network is important. It means that the doctor at the walk-in clinic will have a better understanding of your medical history, and can easily communicate with your primary care physician.

Visit a MediServe clinic the next time you need convenient medical care fast.

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