What’s the Best Way to Get to FirstCare North?

FirstCare North

Patients of FirstCare North in Fayetteville have told us that getting to the clinic can be challenging at times. The population continues to grow in Northwest Arkansas and traffic continues to worsen. Depending on the time of day and the direction that you’re heading, traffic makes it difficult to get to an increasing number of locations in Northwest Arkansas. Here are a few routes that can make it easier to drive to FirstCare Family Doctors North.

Accessing FirstCare North if driving south on College Ave. (71B)

Turning left directly into the FirstCare North parking lot (in front of FedEx or Village Inn) can be difficult, and at times dangerous. Traffic accidents are common on this part of College, especially when the traffic lanes heading north are uneven. While there are times during the day when it’s possible to make this turn, consider safer and more convenient alternate routes.

Harold Street

One option to reach FirstCare North if you’re heading south on College is to drive south past the clinic. There’s a turning lane at 71B and Harold Street (Flying Burrito). Taking a left on Harold and then a left on Lee Ave is a safe and relatively short alternate route. This route is best in mid-morning.

Rolling Hills Drive

If the traffic is too bad to turn left across College onto Harold Street, consider driving south to Rolling Hills Drive Use the left turn lane and the traffic light to head east on Rolling Hills, and then turn left onto Sheryl Avenue. Head north on Sheryl, take a left turn onto Harold, and then a right turn onto Lee Ave. This alternate route adds just over a mile of driving.

Masonic Drive

There’s a left turn lane and a traffic light at 71B and Masonic Drive, just north of FirstCare North. Turn left and drive east down Masonic, and then turn right to head south on Summerhill Drive. Turn right once Summerhill meets Stubblefield Road, then turn right on Bertha St., and right again at Lee Ave.

This detour adds less than a mile of driving and allows you to safely turn left across College Ave. It’s also faster and more direct than taking the Rolling Hills route if you’re heading south on College.

Avoid College and take Joyce Blvd. to Old Missouri Road

Taking Old Missouri Road is a safer and more pleasant drive to FirstCare North, and it lets you avoid the traffic and left turn on College Ave. Turn south from Joyce. Blvd. onto Old Missouri Road. You have a couple of different options from Old Missouri to reach the First Care Family Doctors North clinic.

Old Missouri to Stubblefield Road

If you’re heading south on Old Missouri from Joyce, take a right turn onto Stubblefield Road. Head west on Stubblefield and take a left on either Bertha Street or Harold Street. Turn left onto Lee Avenue. This route is more direct than the Rolling Hills approach and it allows you to avoid driving through a school zone.

Old Missouri to Rolling Hills Drive

You can take Old Missouri south all the way to Rolling Hills Drive. Turn right on Rolling Hills and then take a right onto Sheryl Avenue. Turn left once Sheryl intersects Harold Street, and then take a right turn onto Lee Avenue.

Adding a little bit of driving and taking a little extra time is worth avoiding a traffic accident. Plan your route safely before your start driving. Navigating while driving counts as distracted driving, which can be very dangerous. You can reach FirstCare North at 479-443-3536.