What’s myMANA?

Everything is convenient these days. You can pay your utility bills and order your groceries online. You can purchase movie tickets and make dinner reservations with just a few taps on your smartphone. Managing your health information should be just as easy, and with myMANA it is.

What’s myMANA?

Whether you’ve been seeing the same MANA physician for a decade, or you’re getting ready for your first visit at a MANA clinic, you may have some questions about myMANA. The myMANA patient portal is a simple and convenient online tool that makes it easy to manage your health information, and promotes an improved quality of healthcare for MANA patients.

What can you do through myMANA?

Send messages to your doctor’s office

The myMANA patient portal allows you to send messages to your physician’s office. Whether you have questions about your last visit or concerns about your health, you have a direct line to your doctor’s office.

Request appointments

myMANA makes it incredibly easy to request an appoint with MANA physicians and clinics. You can receive your appointment confirmation via text, email, or phone.

While you don’t need a PIN to create a myMANA account, you do need a PIN to request appointments through myMANA. Contact your doctor’s office to receive a personal identification number.

Refill prescriptions

While new prescriptions require a visit with your doctor you can request prescription refills through myMANA. 

Access health records and update information

The patient portal allows you to access lab results, immunization history, and medications. You can print a list of immunization history for schools or other requirements. 

You can also update your health information through myMANA. Keeping health information current and up to date helps improve the quality of healthcare you receive.

How do you create a myMANA account?

Creating a myMANA account is simple. You need to have some basic information handy for yourself or your child/dependent, including the medical practice you’re seeking care from, DOB, residential address, and an email address that the account will be associated with. You may add additional children and dependents once your account has been created.

Once your myMANA account is authenticated – which happens at your next clinic visit – you can access your health records. This includes lab results, immunizations, and medications.

myMANA is a wonderful tool available to all MANA patients. Set up your account today!