What Should You Bring to an Urgent Care Visit?

Sometimes you need an urgent care clinic because of an emergency that requires immediate medical attention; there isn’t much you can do to prepare for this. However, there are many other reasons you might visit a walk-in urgent care clinic. Here’s what you need to bring for your urgent care visit.

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Basic items and information

A form of identification. Bring a student ID, driver’s license, employment badge, passport, military ID, or other form of photo ID.

Proof of insurance. Bring an insurance card so that your urgent care visit can be filed with your insurance provider.

Contact information. Be prepared to provide your personal contact information a well as your emergency contact information.

Forms to be filled out. Bring any forms that you need to have filled out for schools, employers, etc.

Questions you have. It’s not uncommon to go into an examination room with a question and forget to ask it. A written list of questions can help make sure that you get the answers you need.

Method of payment. There are no emergency fees at MANA Urgent Care clinics; you pay the same copay that you would normally pay at a visit with your primary care physician.

Health information

Physicians at MANA Urgent Care clinics have access to medical records and health histories for established MANA patients. However, MANA Urgent Care provides quality, compassionate care for everyone. 

Physician information. Be able to provide the name of your primary care physician and the names of other healthcare providers that you visit.

Health history. Know your personal health history and family health history.

Medications. Know the names of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that you are currently taking.

Allergies. Provide a list of all of your known allergies.

Past medical procedures. List all surgeries or medical procedures that you’ve had in the past. Bring in your medical records if you keep copies on hand.

Medical conditions. List all medical diagnoses such as asthma, blood disorders, diabetes, etc.

Additional information. MANA Urgent Care offers sports physicals, lab services, occupational health services, and medical imaging. Call ahead for information on how to prepare for these services.

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