What Is Internal Medicine?

Do you need to see an Internal Medicine doctor? You may need exactly that and not realize it.

The definition of Internal Medicine is a medical specialty centering on adult medicine only. Doctors specializing in this field complete undergraduate degrees and their M.D. degrees. Then they complete a three-year residency in Internal Medicine. At this point, they can become Board Certified and may practice as internists. 

Internal Medicine is for adults

Just as Pediatricians specialize in treating children and adolescents, Internal Medicine focuses on adults. 

Internists focus on using the best science available and developing a long relationship with their patients. Internal Medicine specialists, or internists, diagnose and treat diseases that affect adults. This can include chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes, and acute conditions like sinus infections or sore throats. 

They also work with you to prevent diseases and maximize wellness. This can include routine care, physical exams, timely health screenings, adult immunizations, and getting to know you and your health risks. Internal Medicine doctors follow the latest scientific data and recommendations for preventive medicine. Finding disease early or preventing it from occurring is the best medicine we can provide. 

An internist can be your primary care physician, or you may be referred to an internist by your PCP.

Internists are experts on the inside of the body

That’s where the “internal” part of “Internal Medicine” comes from. This specialization includes all your internal organs.  Internists care for the whole patient, paying attention to diet, exercise, and all aspects of lifestyle while fostering a therapeutic relationship between patient and practitioner.  They may refer patients to other specialists as needed. Some internists continue their education and specialize in one system or part of the body.

Some of the subspecialties include these:

  • Cardiology, having to do with the heart and cardiovascular system
  • Pulmonary Medicine, having to do with the respiratory system
  • Rheumatology, having to do with arthritis and the musculoskeletal system
  • Gastroenterology, having to do with the digestive system

Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic is a multi-specialty practice. The doctors at this clinic offer a variety of medical specialties and general internal medicine. FDC also has laboratories, Imaging specialists, physical therapy, and other services. You can have your annual check-up, screening tests, and bloodwork all in one location. FDC provides comprehensive care for adults. 

Would you like to see a general internist? Contact the Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic for an appointment.