What is a Care Coordinator?

In 2014, MANA clinics started participating in Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) at Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics and FirstCare Family Doctors. Then in 2017, we added another program Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) at Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic and FirstCare Family Doctors.

Today,MANA offers eight care coordinators who work with physicians and care team to provide quality care through engagement and education. Part of the mission of the PCMH and CPC+ programs is to engage more with patients to help meet certain health goals.

At each of our primary care clinics, the doctors have hired a Care Coordinator to help reach these goals. 

What does a Care Coordinator do?

  • Identifies patients who are at high risk for certain diseases and uses their risk status to recommend appropriate preventative care, to improve their medical care, and their overall health.
  • Encourages patient participation with their chronic conditions.
  • Help patients with complex health issues reach their health goals.
  • Provide a personalized, comprehensive care plan to assist patients with chronic conditions in reaching their goals.
  • Work one-on-one with patients who have been in the hospital and help coordinate their follow-up care to help them recover and return to a healthy lifestyle.

How does a Care Coordinator help patients?

  • Spends one-on-one time with patients with chronic conditions or complex health issues.
  • Connects patients with existing community resources to promote a healthy lifestyle such as assistance with prescriptions medications, food assistance, nutrition counseling, and exercise resources.
  • Provides health education about nutrition, exercise, new medications, treatments and disease processes.
  • Focuses on preventative healthcare and help patients coordinate wellness visits, age appropriate health screenings and referrals to medical specialists.


Meet our Care Coordinators