What Do You Do When You Get Sick?

What is the first thing that you do when you start feeling ill? Do you research your symptoms online? Do you try self-care until your symptoms get severe? Maybe you go to a walk-in clinic or an urgent care clinic. The first thing that you should do when you get sick is to call your primary care physician.

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Talk to your doctor for any of your health concerns

Your primary care physician is your first point of contact for all of your health-related needs. There are several advantages to calling your primary care doctor when you are feeling ill:

  • Your doctor knows you and your health issues, which improves the quality of medical care that you receive.
  • Contacting your doctor when you get sick keeps your primary care physician informed about your health.
  • A call to your doctor ensures that you get the appropriate care that you need. Your doctor may suggest that you monitor your symptoms, he may have you come in for a scheduled visit, or he might recommend that you go to an emergency department or urgent care clinic depending on your symptoms.

If you think that you may be contagious, call your doctor’s office before going in.

People who don’t have health issues may not already have a primary care provider. Find a primary care doctor before you get sick.

A primary care physician isn’t there only when you’re sick

While many patients only contact their doctor’s office when they have symptoms, visits with a primary care physician shouldn’t be reserved for illness. In fact, you should see your doctor at least once a year for a wellness exam regardless of whether or not you have any symptoms.

Your primary care physician screens for health conditions, identifies risk factors, helps you manage chronic health conditions, and improves your quality of life. Your doctor enables you to make healthy decisions by helping you understand your health. He or she can help you maintain healthy habits and make good decisions about your lifestyle choices, too.

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