Welcome to Millennium Chiropractic

Dr. Steven Whitelaw, Dr. Eric Walker and Dr. Bobby Pritchett of Millennium Chiropractic and Rehab have joined MANA, bringing sports care, chiropractic, and rehabilitative care to our family of clinics.

“Currently MANA offers physical therapy to patients, but offering chiropractic care for injuries, back and neck pain, will be a new service for our patients” states Paula Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer of MANA.

Adding the new department is part of MANA’s overall focus on wellness and preventive care. If a patient can benefit from physical or chiropractic therapy to treat an injury or pain, he or she will feel better and likely have a more active lifestyle.

Dr. Whitelaw has been in practice in Northwest Arkansas since 1997 and Dr. Walker joined him in 2002. Both are graduates of Parker University, and both serve as team chiropractors for the Razorbacks.

While the doctors of Millennium Chiropractic and Rehab are probably best known for their sports care — they are the chiropractors not just for the Arkansas Razorbacks but also for the Rodeo of the Ozarks and the Professional Bull Riding Association, and are certified Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness trainers — they also care for men, women, and children at all stages of life.

“Drs. Whitelaw and Walker have a reputation for excellence in rehabilitation and sports medicine, and we are proud to welcome them to MANA,” states Dr. Al Gordon, a family medicine doctor at FirstCare Family Doctors in Fayetteville and Vice Chairman of the MANA Board of Directors. Gordon has worked with Whitelaw and Walker for several years as part of the sports medicine team for the Arkansas Razorbacks Athletic Department. “Working with the athletes, we have confirmed our belief that combining chiropractic with traditional medicine can be beneficial to the patient.”

Both doctors have had specialized training in a variety of fields. Dr. Whitelaw is board certified as a medical investigator by the American College of Forensic Examiners and has studied at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services. He has attended the Spine Research Institute of San Diego and is certified in whiplash and brain injury traumatology. Dr. Walker has attended the Spine Research Institute of San Diego and is certified in whiplash and brain injury traumatology. Walker studied at the Center for Research into Automotive Safety and Health and has taken courses in digital motion x-ray technology.

“Many people are afraid of going to a chiropractor because they are under the impression it is on-going care,” says Dr. Whitelaw. “At Millennium, we evaluate the injury provide therapy, and give patients exercises they can continue at home.”

“Using the latest treatment techniques, it is our goal for our patients to get in, get better and get on with their lives,” explains Dr. Walker.

If needed, Whitelaw, Walker, and Pritchett refer their clients to a specialist for further evaluation. Being part of the MANA group will make referrals convenient. MANA Providers can access referred patients’ health and treatment history in one electronic medical record system preventing patients from having duplicate tests and filling out duplicate forms. “It will take a few months to get the new practice acclimated on our systems,” said John Jordin, Chief Information Officer at MANA, “but once they are, care will be seamless between the MANA clinics.”

Drs Whitelaw and Walker both live with their families in Northwest Arkansas.

The clinic is located in Fayetteville.

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