Urgent Care in Winter

MediServe Walk-In Clinics are busy this time of year. There are a number of injuries, accidents, and ailments that can require urgent care in winter. An urgent care clinic is a place to go when you need immediate medical attention, but your health problem doesn’t merit a trip to the emergency room. Urgent care is ideal for fast, non-emergency medical care, and it’s a more affordable alternative to a traditional emergency room.

Here are a few common winter injuries, accidents, and health issues that could require a trip to an urgent care clinic.


It doesn’t take much for a person to lose their balance and slip on some unseen patch of ice. Slips result in head, ankle, wrist, or other injuries. There’s also the risk of falling if you’re on a roof or ladder removing Christmas lights. In many cases, this type of injury is serious enough to require immediate medical care, but not life-threatening and you can visit an urgent care clinic. However, if it is a head injury go to the ER.

Muscle injuries

It’s not uncommon to pull a muscle lugging the Christmas tree up into the attic, or maybe while vigorously scraping ice off your windshield on a cold and frosty morning. And while we haven’t had much snow in Northwest Arkansas, shoveling snow is a common winter injury opportunity. Twisting motions, sudden movements, and physical activity when you’re not used to it can cause muscle injuries that require urgent care. If you’re usually sedentary, be careful when you take on a seasonal task that asks a lot of your body. Putting lights up on the roof is something you do every year — but you might be less fit now than you were last time you attempted it.


Cold weather can trigger asthma symptoms in some people. This is especially true when exercising or doing aerobic activities in the winter.


For people with a wood burning fireplace in their home, there’s a risk for burns during the winter. Everybody loves getting cozy by a fire. If you get cozy a little too closely, however, you may need to visit a walk-in clinic.

Cold, flu, and other illness

Winter is cold and flu season. Even if you received a flu vaccination and you wash your hands regularly, you may still fall ill. Urgent care is a great option when your ailments can’t wait until the weekend is over.

Visitors from out of town

Maybe your relatives or guests have their own primary care doctor, but that doesn’t do them any good while they’re visiting from out of town. Urgent care is the perfect option for out of town guests who need medical attention.

Most Convenient, Economical Choice

If you’re looking for an urgent care clinic in Northwest Arkansas, visit one of our MediServe Walk-In Clinics in Fayetteville! At MediServe, your copay is the same as at your regular doctor’s visit. MediServe does not charge urgent care fees like other urgent care clinics and accepts most insurance plans and self-pay. If you are a MANA patient, the doctors at MediServe have access to your record. MediServe College and MediServe Wedington are equipped to provide care for most non-emergency medical needs. Call or visit today!