Things You Might Not Know About MANA

If you’re a MANA patient, you know all about the exceptional healthcare provided by the physicians within the Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas network. That’s something that’s apparent from the moment you walk into any MANA clinic. However there are a few things that you might not know about MANA.

  • The physicians and clinics within the MANA network have been providing healthcare services in Northwest Arkansas for more than 50 years. Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic was established in 1957.
  • MANA acquired Northwest Arkansas’ first 3-Tesla MRI in 2009. 3T MRIs use a magnetic field that is twice as strong as regular MRIs. This provides faster scans and more accurate imaging.
  • Although MANA is a large and extensive network, the clinics are independently owned physician practices. This means that the decisions made in the clinics are in the hands of the physicians, and are going to be in the best interest of the patients.
  • MANA physicians and clinics don’t just provide treatment. We provides diagnostic testing as well as preventative screenings.
  • There are 19 clinics in the MANA network, with nearly one hundred physicians providing healthcare services in more than 20 different disciplines. This means that you can find the right physician within the same network, no matter what your healthcare needs are.
  • We provide a number of resources for our patients including the myMANA electronic patient portal. Having a myMANA account allows you to conveniently schedule appointments, get your medications refilled, pay bills, and more.
  • MANA helps the community in more ways than just providing the best healthcare. The MANA Charitable Fund was established in 2006. MANA Charitable Fund programs include the Murray T. Harris Scholarship, Staff Giving Program, Breast Cancer Resource Library, the Disaster & Emergency Relief Program for Healthcare Employees.
  • In addition to great family medicine, pediatric, and specialty care, MANA offers excellent acute healthcare at two MediServe Walk-In Clinic locations in Fayetteville.