Things You Might Not Know About APRNs

APRN stands for advanced practice registered nurse.

These are registered nurses who have completed additional educational and clinical requirements to further their nursing careers. Advanced practice nurses have more responsibilities in the healthcare setting than registered nurses without the distinction of APRN.

There are four APRN specializations.

The four main areas of specialization for advanced practice registered nurses include clinical nurse specialists (CSNs), certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNSs), certified nurse midwives (CNMs), and certified nurse practitioners (NPs).

Some APRNs specialize even more.

Nurses who specialize in one of these areas may choose to specialize even further. For example, nurse practitioners can specialize in adult care, family medicine, pediatrics, psychiatric, and many other sub-specialties.

Clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurses, certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and nurses within these specialties who choose an additional specialization are all types of advanced practice nurse.

APRNs have a minimum of a master’s degree

An advanced practice registered nurse has post-graduate education in nursing, at least a master’s degree. You must have a master’s degree before sitting for an APRN specialization exam. Advanced practice nurses often continue education and certification to stay current.

Some APRNs can prescribe medications.

This depends on the nurse’s specialization and laws in their state. 

Advanced practice registered nurses work in practically every healthcare setting.

You can find advanced practice nurses in hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care, urgent care, schools, and many other settings. 

APRNs improve the quality of health care that patients receive.

Not only are advanced practice nurses highly knowledgeable, but they also focus on patient-centered health care. This often leads to better health outcomes for patients.

Thank you to all of the wonderful advanced practice nurses in the MANA network! Our advanced nurse practitioners provide an invaluable service to our clinics and our communities, and they are an essential part of the healthcare team. Schedule an appointment at a MANA clinic and meet with an APRN in Northwest Arkansas today.