The Benefits of Family Doctors

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There’s a lot to consider when choosing a doctor. The location of your doctor’s office, whether or not he’s in your network, and whether you feel comfortable with your physician are all important things to take into account. But before you even think about those factors you have to decide which type of doctor is right for you. Choosing a family doctor offers several of advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits of family doctors.

Family doctors treat people of all ages

A pediatrician treats children. An internal medicine physician treats adults. Doctors who specialize in family medicine are trained to provide health care for people of all ages. A family doctor can treat you, your infant, and your teenage son for your families general health needs.

A better understanding of your health

Visiting a family medicine doctor will help provide a rich, comprehensive view of a person’s health and family life as well. When you visit the same doctor for years, they start to develop a good understanding of your health and your medical history. This lends itself to a higher quality of healthcare.

A better understanding of your family health history

A family doctor who treats the entire family will have a better understanding of your family health history. This can help your physician identify hereditary health problems, and improves the quality of healthcare you and your family receive.

An emphasis on wellness

Instead of seeking out a doctor when you’re sick, family medicine doctors promote preventive care and wellness. Developing a good relationship with your family doctor means you’re more likely to share your health information and visit the doctor when you have concerns. Better quality healthcare translates to a better quality of life.

Choosing a family doctor

Establishing a good, lasting relationship with your doctor is key. That’s why it’s important that you are comfortable with your doctor when choosing a family doctor. MANA has some of the best family doctors in Northwest Arkansas. Schedule an appointment today!