Teen Action Support Center

The Teen Action and Support Center was nominated as the recipient of the MANA Staff Giving donation for the month of May. Thanks to staff contributions, MANA was able to donate $2,300 to the Arkansas Chapter. 

TASC was started in 2004 when a group of community members saw the need for teen support services in Northwest Arkansas. By April of 2005, they were established as a non-profit agency and had a location in Rogers. In 2017, they expanded to Washington county, as the need to support teens was needed in all Northwest Arkansas, not just Benton County.

Today they serve teens in all Northwest Arkansas through five different programs. TASC believes that young people are valuable and can take control of their future with the help of empowerment and connection.

To view a calendar of upcoming events and activities, click here.To learn more about TASC and how you can get involved, visit their website!