Take Charge of Your Health

The last few years has taken its toll on everyone’s health, physical and mental. Many of us have developed unhealthy habits, experienced health issues, and dealt with anxiety and added stress. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! MANA encourages you to take charge of your health by scheduling an annual wellness visit.

There is a saying we only improve what we measure. This is often true for health concerns. If you’re not aware that pounds are creeping on or that your cholesterol is high, you may not make healthy changes in your habits. Having an annual health exam with a regular doctor ensures that you have all screenings you need to stay healthy.

Make time for a wellness exam

85% of Americans take their pets in for their shots on schedule, but fewer than half of us get a regular annual wellness visit. This is even though most health insurance plans cover the cost of an annual wellness exam.

An annual checkup will include a range of tests- temperature, weight, blood pressure, hearing, and balance. Wellness exams often include a simple blood draw to test for warning signs of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Depending on your age and health history, you may need a colon health screeningmammogram, adult vaccinations, or screenings for mental health and development.

All of these tests and screenings may reveal a disease you may not even know you have in time to take prevent it. Seeing positive or negative changes in your health numbers over time can help you and your doctor make good decisions about your health.

Set health goals

Working with your primary care physician, you can set health goals for your next checkup. Popular goals include adding a new kind of exercise, focusing on whole foods or plant foods, getting more sleep, lowering blood sugar or blood pressure, and taking care of your mental health. Your doctor can help you choose realistic strategies to reach these goals. You’ll also have accountability and resources.

Establish a Primary Care Doctor

If you do not have a primary doctor, you will need one to schedule a well visit. Find someone you feel comfortable talking to and that will work with you to reach your goals. MANA has three types of primary care doctors: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics.

Many people choose a family medicine doctor for their primary care doctor. Family medicine practitioners specialize in all ages. MANA Family Medicine has convenient locations in Fayetteville, Springdale, Prairie Grove, Elkins, Rogers, and recently opened a clinic on Southwest Boulevard in Bentonville.

Another option is Internal Medicine, doctors who specialize in adult health.  At MANA’s Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, patients age 18 and older enjoy the convenience of having to their primary care doctor, medical specialists, a full-service lab, imaging, and physical therapy services all under one roof.

For children from newborns to teens, Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics is another excellent choice. As the largest pediatric group in Arkansas, they offer separate well and sick clinics, and a pediatric walk-in clinic that has extended evening hours and Saturday hours.

As a physician owned and led group, you will notice the difference in quality, compassionate care at MANA clinics. Once you establish with a doctor, you will gain access to the whole MANA network with medical specialists, advanced diagnostic testing, and urgent care. You can view your health information on the myMANA health portal and app, as well as communicate with your doctor.

It’s worth keeping your health information up to date and becoming better informed about your health. MANA physicians and staff encourage you to invest the time in taking care of you.