Do You Need Sunscreen for Manicures?

Sunscreen is part of a healthy daily routine. It can reduce the chances of skin cancer as well as sunburn. But what about UV rays from the machines that cure a gel manicure? Do you need sunscreen on your hands before you settle down for a mani-pedi? A recent study examined this question in the […]

TDAP, DTaP, and TD Vaccines

We’ve been hearing a lot about COVID-19 vaccines, and most of us are aware that kids need vaccines as they grow up. Many of us know that flu vaccines are a must. But there is another group of adult vaccines that are less well understood: TDAP, DTaP, and TD vaccines.  TDAP, DTaP, and TD vaccines […]

What Is Internal Medicine?

Do you need to see an Internal Medicine doctor? You may need exactly that and not realize it. The definition of Internal Medicine is a medical specialty centering on adult medicine only. Doctors specializing in this field complete undergraduate degrees and their M.D. degrees. Then they complete a three-year residency in Internal Medicine. At this […]

Your Annual Wellness Visit

85% of Americans take their pets in for their shots on schedule, but fewer than half get a regular annual wellness visit. This is true even though most insurance companies cover the cost of an annual physical exam. Annual wellness exams establish baselines Your annual checkup will include a range of tests. Your temperature, weight, blood […]