High-Impact and Low-Impact Exercise

Back in the heyday of aerobic dance, people often chose between high impact and low-impact exercise classes. Now, with the pandemic encouraging more of us to work out at home, you might need to make that decision for yourself again. What’s the difference between high and low impact exercise? High impact exercise involves running and […]

What’s Causing Your Back Pain?

Eighty percent of adults experience lower back pain at some point. Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability and one of the most common reasons for employees missing work. Maybe you do the same movements all day long working at a factory, or you spend your day lifting heavy furniture for a […]

Biggest Health Risks of Sedentary Living

What does a normal day look like for you? Maybe you have a long commute to and from the office, where you spend your day sitting behind a desk. After work, you drive the kids to practices, and when you finally get home, you’re exhausted, so you sit and relax in front of a screen. […]

When Should You Get a Flu Shot?

As a general rule, you want to get a dose of flu vaccine before the flu season begins. However, the earlier you can get your flu shot the better. Flu vaccine helps keep you, your family, and those around you safe from influenza virus. You should get a does of flu vaccine as soon as […]

Your Healthy Aging Checklist

Making healthy choices is important throughout your life. The things that you do today affect your health and quality of life in the future. The earlier you work towards wellness the better. However, it’s never too late to start making healthy lifestyle changes. Here are a few things that you can do to promote healthy […]

Learn to Cook, Get Healthy

People rely on fast food, convenience foods, and highly processed foods for different reasons. Maybe your family is constantly on the go from practice, to private lessons, to competitions, and everything in between. Ready-made meals and quick bites to eat are mainstays by necessity. Maybe your idea of cooking is preparing a box of mac […]

How Many Steps Do You Need Each Day?

Fitness trackers and smartwatches that track physical activity are everyday items now. Look around your office, your favorite coffee shop, or your neighborhood park, and you’re bound to see someone wearing a device that tracks steps. Friends and family members can challenge one another to see who can get the most steps, and you can […]

Anger Management: Handling Anger in a Healthy Way

Anger isn’t necessarily good or bad — it’s a normal emotion that every person feels. It’s a reaction to stressful or unpredictable situations. Anger itself isn’t inherently bad, but the actions that follow can be. Violence and behaviors resulting in emotional or physical harm to self or others, feeling angry all the time, or feeling […]

Preparing for The Great Outdoors: Outdoor Safety Tips

Northwest Arkansas is an incredible place for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s no shortage of opportunity for outdoor recreation in the Natural State. We have great rivers and lakes for paddling and fishing, wonderful woods and forests for camping, and an abundance of trails for hiking and mountain biking. Spending time in nature is fun and exciting, […]

Vaccinations for International Travel

You renewed your passport, you booked your flight, and you made your packing list. But have you talked to your doctor? Planning for international travel requires a lot of thought and preparation, and it can be easy to overlook details in the process. Staying healthy and safe from disease while abroad is a significant aspect […]