Understanding Psoriasis

There’s no better time to learn about psoriasis than Psoriasis Awareness Month. Here’s some information to help you understand psoriasis. What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a very common chronic skin disease that causes pain, irritation, redness, dryness, or scaly rashes. These symptoms are a result of cells growing beneath the skin and slowly surfacing, a […]

Zika in Florida

Zika virus has been in the news all summer long, but it’s mainly been a concern for travelers. It now appears, however, that Zika virus is present in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention issued a press release stating that fourteen cases of Zika virus infection in Florida were probably caused […]

Should You Let Your Teen Sleep In?

In case you didn’t know, teenagers have a super power. Adults wake up at a reasonable hour to take care of things around the house, go to work, or engage in other responsibilities. Teens, on the other hand, have the impressive ability to sleep well past noon. Some parents let their children get a few […]

Handling the Summer Heat

It’s impossible to spend a summer in Arkansas without hearing someone say, “It’s not the heat — it’s the humidity.” It becomes a sort of catchphrase that sounds as though it should provide comfort, but really offers none. Whether it’s the heat or the humidity that’s responsible (really it’s both), it can get uncomfortably warm […]

Have a Safe and Fun Fourth of July!

What’s your family’s Fourth of July tradition? Do you invite the entire neighborhood to your backyard for a colossal cookout? Maybe you head to the nearest lake for some summertime fun on the water. Or perhaps you like to celebrate Independence Day with a day full of outdoor games followed by a show-stopping fireworks display. […]

Health Tips for Road Trips

You’ve finally figured out a healthy summer routine for your family. You’re cooking healthy meals, making healthy snacks and making sure that everyone gets plenty of physical activity. Even if you dial in a healthy lifestyle at home, it can be difficult to stay healthy once you take the show on the road. Sitting in […]

Summer Food Safety

Summer is the season for picnics in the park, weekend camping trips, and backyard cookouts. However, heat, bacteria, and parasites can create a number of food safety challenges. It’s easy to forget about food safety while you’re having fun in the sun, but it’s a necessary part of keeping your family healthy and safe. Foodborne […]

Leaves of Three…

Diane Pense, RN, of MediServe walk-in urgent care clinic, shared her tips for coping with poison ivy. First of all, make sure you can recognize it! The photo here shows the famous leaves of three, as in the old mnemonic, “Leaves of three, let them be.” It’s good advice, because these fresh green leaves contain […]

Eggs Whites and Medical Implants

Here at our blog, we have hundreds of posts providing our patients with helpful information. You can browse posts to help you find the right doctor in Northwest Arkansas, you can read through posts with tips for healthy living, and you can even find posts that help put confusing medical terms into perspective. Each and […]

What You Need to Know About Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis, sometimes referred to as pink eye, is quite common. So common that you’ve probably had some experience with it at some point in your life. Maybe you’ve had pink eye yourself, or you know someone who has had pink eye, or maybe your child currently has pink eye. Here’s everything that you need to […]