Summer Snacking

Summer is nearly here, a fact you’re well aware of if you have children who are in school. While they can’t wait to take a break from the books, you may be thinking about ways to keep them active and healthy throughout the summer while you’re at work. You will have less control over what your kids are eating and when they are eating.

One way to ensure that they are making healthy snacking decisions, is to keep a good supply of healthy snacks. Don’t load up on pizza bagels and cream-filled snack cakes; instead stock up on these healthy and tasty treats.

Frozen fruit is perfect for a hot summer day. It’s a much healthier alternative to popsicles or ice cream and just as refreshing.

Summer is the season for fresh fruit, so take advantage of ripe peaches, juicy watermelon, and lots of tasty berries. Fruit does have a fair amount of sugar, but it’s still a healthier option than candies and cakes.

Peanut butter should be a snacking staple for your kids this summer. Peanut butter and tortillas make for quick and easy roll-ups, and of course, there’s always the classic PB&J.

Don’t forget the vegetables. Take some time to pre-cut carrots and celery for easy and nutritious snacking.

Go nuts. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, and other nuts are great healthy snacks.

Hummus is another nutritious and savory snack option. Dip it with veggies or toasted pita bread.

Try some plain yogurt. Yogurt can contain tons of sugar, but the plain Greek variety is usually higher in protein and lower in sugar. Add a little cinnamon or some honey if you need more flavor.

Instead of the processed frozen chicken tenders that are typically pumped full of sodium, try cooking up fresh chicken instead and storing it in the fridge. It keeps well and can be reheated just as easily as less healthy frozen chicken options.

Avoid keeping sodas or other sugary drinks in the fridge. Skim milk or water are the best options.

Will your kids complain? Probably. But eating salty and sugary processed snacks is a habit. Once your kids get in the habit of playing outside with friends, reading great books in the shade of a tree, and enjoying flavorful healthy snacks, they’ll enjoy summer more fully.

You love your kids enough to spare them from a summer of munching chips while playing video games in a dark room, right?