Summer Camp in 2021

Sleepover camps and day camps have been an important part of kids’ summer memories for decades. Will 2021 provide those opportunities to make friends, learn skills, and develop responsibility?

It’s early days, but it’s not too early to look into the possibilities and make plans.

Will camps be open?

Arkansas is allowing summer camps to open.

The Motherlode has a recent list of Northwest Arkansas camps that are planning to be open. When we checked this post, we found that most of the camps’ websites did not have the information for their camps.

We think they’ll catch up soon, so we recommend checking back. 

The Arkansas Covid-19 Task Force has a list of requirements for summer camps:

  • The only people who may be present at the camp are kids, their parents, and the professionals providing services to the children.
  • Children must be dropped off and picked up outside the facility. 
  • Small groups of ten or fewer are allowed, and 6′ social distancing is required.
  • Everyone over age 2 must wear a mask.
  • Handwashing is encouraged, and disinfecting surfaces is done regularly.
  • Events like family-style meals, group gatherings with other camps, and the like are forbidden. Small groups staying together is preferred.
  • All people at overnight camps are encouraged to test for COVID-19 and to self-quarantine for 14 days before attending camp.
  • No sick children will be allowed to attend camp.

Choosing a summer camp

You probably consider the activities, from dance to robotics, as well as the location of the camp and where your kids’ friends are going.

You should also make sure that the camp you choose is following all the rules listed above. 

You should also ask a few questions to be confident that the camp has thought about these concerns:

  • What will they do if someone gets sick?
  • What kind of training does the staff get on COVID-19 safety?
  • How many outdoor activities are planned? (The more, the safer.)
  • Are people coming from local areas, or from a distance?
  • Is it a sleepover camp or a day camp? (sharing living quarters increases the risk.)

Be a happy (and safe) camper

Less than 1% of the kids who attended summer camp in 2020 caught COVID-19. Follow these tips from the CDC to stay safe.

Schedule a Wellness Exam for Camp

Many overnight camps and sport camps require a physical exam. If your child has not had a wellness exam in the last year, schedule your child’s exam at Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics before camp. Wellness exams include a physical exam, growth assessment, and any vaccinations that are due.  We will provide an updated record for your child’s summer camp or sports program.