Start Walking at Work!

Regular physical activity is key in maintaining wellness, but finding time to fit exercise into your day can be challenging. Busy schedules make it difficult to block out time for exercise, and many of us don’t have a spare hour to head to the gym or go for a run around the park after work. One way to meet your daily recommended requirement for physical activity is by integrating exercise into your normal routine. Start by walking during breaks at work!

Physical activity isn’t all or nothing.

Some people might find that if they don’t have a full hour – or however much time they feel that they need – to exercise, they won’t exercise at all. Getting up and moving around for a measly 10 minutes isn’t worth it after all, right?

You don’t have to knock out all of your physical activity for the day in a single session.

Don’t worry about finding a 60-minute window to exercise. Every little bit of physical activity adds up. As long as you’re being active for 10 minutes at a time, that physical activity counts towards your overall activity for the day.

Adults need a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity each week. This equals 30 minutes a day over the course of a five day work week. Keep in mind, however, that 150 minutes a week is the minimum. The more physical activity you get, the greater the health benefits!

Make the most of your time.

That time spent during your breaks browsing the internet or scrolling through social media could instead be used to go for a walk. Start making the most of your work breaks!

Taking a 10-minute walk every couple of hours during an 8-hour work day adds up to 40 minutes of walking, or 200 minutes a week!

Swap out one of those 10-minute breaks and add in a 30-minute walk at lunch, and you’re walking an hour a day!

What can walking 30 minutes a day do?

According to the American Heart Association, walking for just 10 minutes three times a day can increase your life expectancy.

Walking for half an hour each day decreases your risk of coronary heart disease, lower high blood pressure, and can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Walking can also decrease your risk of osteoporosis and type-2 diabetes, improve your mood, and make you more productive at work.


Physical activity – even something as simple as walking – provides great health benefits. Start adding walks to your daily routine. A healthy lifestyle lends itself to wellness!