Family Medicine

Family medicine is the specialty in medicine that focuses on comprehensive care for people throughout their lives.You might know this kind of doctor as a family doctor, family physician, osteopathic physician (DO), or primary care physician.

With a focus on whole health care and preventive medicine, family medicine provides comprehensive wellness care for men, women, and children.

Some of the advantages of family medicine:

  • Continuity of care: you see one doctor from newborn visits through childhood wellness through adult health concerns through senior care.
  • Family doctor: having one doctor for the whole family helps keep a holistic view of your healthcare with awareness of interconnections and influences in the household.
  • Simplicity: you can keep all your appointments at one office.

With MANA Family Medicine clinics, you still have access to the network of medical specialties and advanced healthcare technologies MANA provides, yet you have the family doctor experience you may remember from your own childhood. If you want to recreate that experience for your children without giving up any care options, a MANA Family Medicine clinic is the right choice for you.

MANA Family Medicine

MANA Family Medicine, formerly known as FirstCare, provides comprehensive family medicine throughout Northwest Arkansas. For more than twenty years we have been the preferred choice for family medicine in Northwest Arkansas. We currently have eight clinics: