Skipping Well Child Visits

well child visit

There are so many plausible reasons right now to skip your children’s wellness visits. Let’s look at some of them and see whether they really stack up.

I’m keeping my kids home during the pandemic

This is a good decision. You’re doing your best to keep your family safe. However, it doesn’t take away the need for regular checkups. Catching problems early makes all the difference in treating medical problems or providing support for developmental issues.

Well-child visits are also the time to get vaccinations. Routine vaccinations help keep your child and your community safe. 

Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics’ clinics have well child areas separate from acute care areas. Special COVID-19 policies are also in place during the pandemic. With these safety precautions in place, we greatly reduce the risk of your child getting exposed to sick children during a well child visit.

We’re just too busy right now

A lot of families are having to manage without the support and services they used to have. You might be working from home and having to manage remote schooling as well as caring for your home and your children. Fitting in one more thing — even a well child visit — can seem like too much to cope with.

However, your well child visits can save you time. 

Kids who keep up with regular visits to their pediatricians get sick less frequently and don’t have to take antibiotics as frequently. Their parents miss fewer days of work. 

Keeping those planned appointments can also keep you from having to fit in emergency appointments which may turn out to be unnecessary.

Life is stressful

All across the country, Americans are facing significant stress. Parents report even more stress than the average. When life just seems hard, it can be tempting to skip a well child visit, thinking you might feel more up to it later. 

In fact, your pediatrician is your partner in bringing up your child. He or she can answer your questions, reassure you, and give you tools to cope with the difficult times we’re all experiencing.

Be kind to yourself and do right by your child: keep up your well child visits during the pandemic.