Schedule your kids’ wellness exams early!

Kids who are involved in sports often need a sports-related physical exam about six weeks before the season starts. Depending on the grade they’re entering, some kids may also need vaccinations. But back to school is a popular time for kids’ wellness exams, too.

Every child should get an annual check up, just as adults should. Wellness exams help catch any issues before they become problems. They also help keep kids on track with good health habits. They’re an opportunity to ask questions. All these things fit into that second-new-year feeling we get when school’s about to start up again.

It makes sense. In summer, you’re kicking back and relaxing with your kids. Trips to the lake or lazy afternoons reading in a hammock feel appropriate. Come August, the feeling changes. You get back on a school day schedule even if there are still fireflies in the back yard. You’re getting new shoes, school supplies, and haircuts.

Obviously, it’s time to schedule those annual doctor’s appointments.

The trouble is, everybody else feels the same way. With so many parents trying to schedule well kids’ exams at the same time, the calendar fills up fast. It can be hard to get an appointment at a convenient time. The waiting room may be crowded and your doctor could be held up by those last-minute “Since we’re here…” questions.

Every year, some parents wait too late and end up having to pull kids out of school to get their wellness exams. This scenario adds unnecessary stress to your family life — and that’s the last thing you need!

Schedule your kids’ wellness exams now. Fit them in between library visits and picnics and have a calm, unhurried experience.

We’ll be here all summer.