Safe School Supplies

Safe school supplies are something to think about every year at back to school. It’s always important to make sure that art supplies, writing utensils, and other classroom gear is non-toxic.

Non-toxic School Supplies

The COVID-19 difference

This year, you might want to take an extra step: make sure that your children have their own supplies so they don’t have to share with other kids. Realistically, the chances of catching COVID-19 by sharing crayons are very small. However, this is a little step you can take to help keep your children safe. 

Arkansas is currently a coronavirus hot spot, with low vaccination percentages and high per capita levels of new cases. Arkansas schools are not allowed to require masks, and most schoolchildren are not vaccinated. If you’re considering keeping your children out of school, a few extra precautions might help you feel more comfortable sending them back to class.

Have your child wear a mask, and send a backup mask in a Zip-lock bag in his or her backpack. Check with the school before you send hand sanitizer, since some may not allow kids to bring their own.

School supply lists

Many teacher wish lists include disinfectant wipes this year. Germicidal UV light, or UVC, will kill the COVID-19 virus, and a small UVC sanitizer box could be a special back-to-school gift for teachers. 

Don’t worry too much about contagion from school supplies, but follow these tips to be comfortable this back-to-school season.

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