Popular CPAP and BiPAP Home Ventilators Recalled

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Phillips Respironics has announced a voluntary recall of millions of their respiratory care devices.

A Note from Dr. Michael Eckles

Michael A. Eckles, MD, FCCP

Michael Eckles, MD, FCCP
Sleep Medicine & Pulmonary Medicine
Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, A MANA Clinic

As many of you are aware, Phillips Respironics has issued an international recall on multiple devices they manufacture for respiratory care. This includes millions of CPAP’s, BiPAP’s and home ventilators. Per the company, this has affected .03% of their devices.

The recall issue is with the foam insulation that is used to muffle the sound in Phillips Respironics devices. The foam particulate can degrade, then be inhaled. I have been informed this degradation process can be accelerated by the use of ozone cleaners or improper storage such as high heat.

This recall does NOT affect ResMed machines, which are products of a different company.

Should I stop using my CPAP? 

  • If you use a Phillips Respironics CPAP or BIPAP, the company recommends STOPPING use of your device.
  • Do NOT stop if you are using a home ventilator as this is considered to be an immediate lifesaving device.

What can I do at this time? 

Many of us, including myself, use CPAP daily. We find it as necessary to our wellbeing as taking our anti-hypertensive medication or daily cholesterol-lowering agent. I have had many patients let me know there is no way they are giving up their CPAP even for a short time period. 

If you choose to continue the use of your device until your machine can be replaced, Phillips Respironics suggests (but does not recommend) installing a bacterial filter inline. These may be acquired through your DME provider.

More information

Phillips Respironics, while yet to have a firm plan on repair or replacement, assures me the issue is being actively addressed.

Next steps

Phillips Respironics has a webpage for further information and guidance: the Recall Notification.

At this page, you can find out whether your model of CPAP machine is affected. You can also register and file a claim for their repair and replacement program. 

While the health concerns leading to the recall are serious, leaving your sleep apnea untreated can also be serious. You should talk with your doctor about the best choices for you in continuing treatment.