New Baby Visits for Adopted Babies

newborn care

Newborn care is essential for all babies, including adopted babies. When you have a baby, the doctor who delivered your child will usually help coordinate with your pediatrician. When you adopt a newborn, that might not be the case.

In Arkansas, a birth mother can choose whether to have adoptive parents with her at the hospital. Adoptive parents usually take the baby home from the hospital, but they may or may not have contact with the birth mother’s doctor. Choosing a pediatrician for your new adopted baby is an important part of preparing for your new child. Visit with local doctors before the birth mother’s due date to find the perfect doctor for your family. Make sure to get an appointment a few days after your new baby is born.

What’s different about adopted babies?

Your baby should have a first visit with the pediatrician within the first few weeks — the sooner, the better. Let your pediatrician know that the baby is adopted. Since your baby is adopted, you might not have full information about his or her family medical history or about the pregnancy. Your pediatrician might want to conduct some additional tests to be sure that everything is going well with your baby.

If you have brought your baby home from another country or another state, you should also share this information with your doctor. Every geographic location has medical conditions which are common and uncommon; it’s different from state to state and country to country. A doctor will look for different things depending on where your baby was born. Just as you might let your doctor know if you’ve been to another country for your vacation, it’s useful to share your baby’s travel information, too.

Adopting a baby is an exciting and joyous event. Your new baby will have a series of well baby and well child visits, and your pediatrician or family practice doctor will be your partner in the adventure of bringing up this new life. Start off right with a new baby doctor visit.

Check out our Newborn Handbook for information that is important for every new parent.