National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May has been National Physical Fitness and Sports Month since 1983. Celebrate this special month with us, and enjoy our gift of free printable planner stickers to commemorate the month.

The importance of regular physical activity is something that can’t be stressed enough. Along with a healthy diet and regular visits to your primary care physician, getting adequate exercise helps build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and promotes lasting wellness. Physical fitness is something that you should strive for every month, but you can make extra efforts to maintain fitness and encourage others to be active and fit during National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

The entire month of May is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of physical fitness, and encouraging people to stay active and healthy. Don’t look at National Physical Fitness and Sports Month as a brief 30-day period for you to move around a bit. Instead, look at this month as an opportunity to start a healthy new lifestyle for you and your family that embraces physical fitness.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, children need an hour of physical activity each and every day. There are, of course, numerous physical health benefits that come with regular activity and fitness, but studies show that there are also cognitive health benefits in addition to those physical health benefits of exercise. Some studies show that physical activity improves mood, grades, behavior, and general mental health.

It’s vital that children and adolescents stay fit and active as it improves physical and mental health, and encourages proper growth and development. But it’s also important for adults to get exercise as well. As we age, our muscles grow weaker and our bones grow less dense. Staying active can help promote wellness and delay the effects that age has on the body. Maintaining physical fitness can also help adults by lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. The Centers for Disease Control recommend at least 150 minutes of activity each week for adults, plus strength training twice a week.

It can be hard to fit that much regular activity into our busy schedules, even though sports and fitness activities are fun, so we at MANA have created free printable planner stickers to help you and your family stay on track. Download the stickers by clicking on the link below the picture, print them out on sticker paper from your local hobby of office supply shop, and use them in your Erin Condren Life Planner, Happy Planner, or your family wall calendar. Setting specific times for your favorite physical activities makes it easier to get into the habit.


MANA Fitness stickers

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition is a wonderful resource with some great ideas for families to stay fit, active, and healthy. Of course, your primary care physician will have some great ideas as well. Schedule an appointment with a MANA physician today!