Mothers, Take Care of Yourself Too!

A mother’s work is never done. Moms are always there whenever there’s a scraped knee that needs bandaging, a sick child who needs soup, or someone who needs a shoulder to cry on. They put up with the tantrums and the meltdowns, and they handle family dramas with aplomb. To put it simply, moms take care of the family.

However, this sometimes means that mothers will put their own health on the back burner. They are prone to put their family’s health first, making it a priority to see that everyone is as fit and as healthy as possible, forgetting that caring for the family includes mom as well.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and while husbands, sons, and daughters will be taking the opportunity to express their love and gratitude for mothers everywhere, those mothers should take a moment to consider their own health. It’s not easy being Supermom, tending to the entire family’s health needs, and in doing so, mothers may find that they have neglected their own health over the years.

It’s important for mothers to take care of their own health. Here are a few things mothers can to to help improve their health.

Get plenty of sleep. Sometimes it may seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. That does not mean that you should burn the midnight oil, however. Sleep may be the easiest thing to compromise on, but it is extremely important to your health. A lack of sleep has been connected to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

Stay active and exercise regularly. Again, it’s not always easy to find time to get everything done, let alone find time to exercise. Regular physical activity is necessary for good health, though. If you can’t make time for exercise, try and incorporate it into your daily routine. Walk to the grocery store, or bike to work, or make a point to get out and run around with the kids.

Eat a healthy diet. We’ve all had days when there’s just no stopping. You get off work, you grab the kids, you pick up your son’s allergy medicine, and then you head to your daughter’s soccer practice. There’s not a chance to have a sit down meal, so you fly through the drive-through and pass a bag of fast-food burgers for dinner. This is fine every once in a while, but don’t let it become routine. Pack snacks or plan ahead and pack dinner on those busy nights. The nutrients your body receives have a direct affect on your overall health.

Manage your stress. Stress can have a negative affect on your mental, your physical health, and your entire household. Stress is a part of daily life, so you can’t just ignore it, but you do have to learn how to handle it. Finding a healthy way to manage your stress will help make sure that you stay healthy and your household stays happy.

Get regular breast cancer screenings. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to get screened for breast cancer on a regular basis. The earlier you detect breast cancer, the better your chances of treating it successfully.

Go to the doctor. You take your children in to the doctor for an annual check-up, so you should do the same for yourself. Your primary care doctor is your guide to good health and wellness. Schedule your appointment today.