MANA Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Services

MANA Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic provides care for patients with unforeseen medical needs at two locations in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Health issues aren’t always predictable, and MediServe offers a convenient source of medical attention when you need it fast. Patients are seen in order of arrival, so there’s no need to schedule an appointment. And since our walk-in clinics are staffed by MANA physicians, you know you’re getting reliable care.

MANA Urgent Care College and MANA Urgent Care Wedington are both equipped to handle most medical issues, including minor emergencies and urgent care needs. In fact, MANA Urgent Care is often a suitable and affordable alternative to the emergency room. However, no walk-in clinic or urgent care clinic can handle severe, life-threatening emergencies. Call 911 or go to the ER for all major emergencies.

What services does MANA Urgent Care offer?

Illness can seemingly come from nowhere. Luckily, our walk-in clinics are here to help. Visit MANA Urgent Care for any minor illnesses such as cold, flu, etc. We provide care for allergies or rashes of any kind. Our clinics can also provide care for infections, such as ear infection or sinus infection. Typically, you won’t know what your medical issue is. That’s why you go to the doctor. Whether it’s a tickle in your throat, pain in your stomach, congestion, or an aching in your ears, MANA Urgent Care can help.

People typically think of walk-in clinics as the place to go when you get a stomach virus, or develop a rash and need to see the doctor immediately. However, our clinics do more than provide medical care for sudden illnesses.

MANA Urgent Care is equipped to handle minor medical emergencies, injuries, and minor surgeries. Our clinics offer flu shots and certain immunizations. And if your children play school sports, you can bring them in for their sports physicals.

Those are just a few of the services that MANA Urgent Care College and MANA Urgent Care Wedington walk-in clinics offer. For questions or more information call:

  • (479) 442-0006 (MediServe Wedington)
  • (479) 521-0200 (MediServe College)