MANA Gives to Hope Cancer Resources

For the month of August 2022, MANA physicians and staff donated $2,300 to Hope Cancer Resources as part of the MANA Giving Program. This month’s clinic sponsor was The Breast Center

The mission of Hope Cancer Resources is to provide compassionate, professional cancer support and education in the Northwest Arkansas region today and tomorrow. 

Hope Cancer Resources employs a highly professional staff that includes licensed oncology social workers, a Spanish interpreter, two certified tobacco treatment specialists, one who is also a certified personal trainer, and a certified exercise specialist. They provide transportation to take patients to every cancer treatment as needed and education to help patients during and after their treatments.

Financial assistance is provided, as well as counseling services ranging from; a kind word, a listening ear, one-on-one counseling, and couples or family counseling sessions with a licensed mental health professional and group support. 

Learn how to volunteer or donate with Hope Cancer Resources by visiting their website.