Join MANA for New Parent Classes!

Becoming a new parent is as exciting as it is intimidating. There are undoubtedly questions that you don’t have answers to, and there may even be a few questions that you don’t even know to ask yet. Parenthood is an ongoing learning process for everyone, and everyone’s experience is unique. No matter how much planning and preparation you do, you will face unexpected circumstances, shocks, and surprises. It’s still important to be prepared, however. The better prepared you are, the more confidently you can take on parenthood!

We offer new parent classes to help new and expecting parents prepare themselves for the joys and excitement of parenthood.

What to expect with MANA New Parent Classes

The main concern for most new parents is how to care for a newborn. We go over the basics of caring for a newborn baby, and cover areas such as circumcision care, colic, fevers, nutrition, umbilical cord care, and much more.

New mothers tend to have a lot of questions about breastfeeding, which is why we cover the issue during our new parent classes. There are a number of benefits associated with breastfeeding, but is breastfeeding right for you? We provide information during the seminar that can help you make that decision.

We realize that not everyone has the same questions and concerns when it comes to preparing for parenthood. A question and answer session with MANA pediatricians allows you the opportunity to ask your specific questions.

Register today!

Our new parent classes are led by MANA pediatricians. These complimentary parenting seminars are great for new and expecting parents, or any parent looking to learn from one of our knowledgeable and experienced pediatricians.

Classes are hosted on the first Thursday of each month from 6:00 to 7:00 at Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics. While MANA new parent classes are free, you must preregister to reserve your space. Call Diane at (479) 571- 7110 to register today!