How to Prepare for a Well Woman Visit

You should schedule a well woman visit each year; annual wellness exams help women stay healthy, detect health issues, and prevent health problems even if a pap smear is not collected at that visit. Renaissance Women’s Healthcare provides wellness exams for women of all ages. You don’t have to do much to prepare for your well woman visit, but it’s a good idea to take some time to get ready for your appointment.

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Records, Questionnaires, and Insurance

You can ask your primary care doctor to transfer your medical records for you. If you are already a MANA patient, Renaissance Women’s Healthcare will have ready access to your records.

We now offer secure digital medical questionnaires! You can fill the new patient questionnaire or your annual visit questionnaire on the myMANA Patient Portal. 

Most insurance plans cover a well woman visit, but it’s a good idea to make sure before scheduling your exam. MANA clinics are in-network for most insurance plans.

Know your health history

You and your doctor will go over your health history during your wellness exam. Your health history includes things such as diet and exercise, any medicines or supplements that you are taking, sexual activity, allergies, illnesses, family health history, and other general health information. Make sure that you are able to answer questions about your health history.

Keep a journal or use a women’s health app

A lot can happen during the course of a year, and you might not remember everything that affects your health between well woman visits. Keep a journal or otherwise document information that your doctor might find useful. It’s better to overshare than to dismiss symptoms that could be important. Write down your symptoms or your mood during your cycle to help identify patterns. 

There are also several women’s health apps available to help you track your menstrual cycle. Many of us forget when the first day of our last period occurred, or how many days in between periods off the top of our head. Using an app to record your cycle can help you gain insights on your health and be better prepared for your appointment. 

Prepare for your appointment

Going into your well woman visit with questions improves the level of care that you receive. Be sure to write out your questions or concerns. It’s easy to forget these things once you enter the doctor’s office.

To facilitate optimal sampling of the cervical cells, avoid douching, intercourse, or medication insertion into the vagina.

Take notes

Your doctor will provide counseling and guidance to help you meet your individual health needs. Feel free to write things down during your visit. This can help you remember everything that’s discussed during your appointment.

In addition to wellness and preventive care, Renaissance Women’s Healthcare offers birth control services, menopause counseling, and comprehensive care for all women’s health issues. Schedule your visit with Renaissance Women’s Healthcare by calling 479-582-3366, or request an appointment online.