How Healthy Is Your Pillow?

Getting adequate sleep helps you stay healthy, but it’s not just the amount of sleep that matters. Setting an early bedtime is a good place to start, but there are other factors that affect sleep. The quality of sleep you get is also important to good health. Going to bed with the TV on and your phone within arms reach -shuttering with every text, alert, or notification – can interrupt sleep. Other things – such as sleep position – can affect sleep quality and other aspects of your health. But what about pillows? Are pillows important to your health?

Sleep environment affects sleep quality

Your sleep environment plays a big role in sleep quality. A poor sleep environment can result in poor quality of sleep, while optimal sleep conditions can help you get the rest you need to promote good health. The best sleep environment is dark, quiet, and comfortable. Pillows help provide comfort as well as support while you sleep.

How pillows affect your health

Sleep is vital for good health and comfort directly affects your quality of sleep. Pillows provide support and comfort, both of which can facilitate deeper, uninterrupted sleep. That’s not to say that your pillow guarantees a great night of sleep, but it can certainly help.

Pillows give support to your neck and back during sleep. This can help ensure proper alignment of the spine and vertebrae and relieve pressure points. Some people may find that sleeping with a pillow between their legs helps provide support and relieve pressure on the hips. More support means less strain and pressure on your bones. You may experience stiffness or pain your back or neck if you’re not getting the support you need.

Pillows may also be the culprits in allergy attacks. If you wake up stuffy and feeling under par, check to see whether a change of pillow helps. You might be allergic either to the materials in your pillows or to dust mites, mold, or bacteria that can build up in pillows. Clean your pillows regularly and replace them when necessary.

Choosing a pillow that’s right for you

There are many different types of pillows to choose from. Pillows may be made of bamboo, memory foam, keep-cool gel, down, synthetic fillers, or a combination of these materials.

Some pillows provide more support than others, and some pillows are designed with specific sleep positions in mind. The type of pillow you need depends on your build, sleep position, preference, and individual needs. A chiropractic doctor can help you determine which type of pillow is best for you.

Chiropractic care can help

Whether you need help choosing a pillow that provides proper support, or you experience pain or stiffness in your back or joints, chiropractic care can help. If you’re looking for chiropractic care in Northwest Arkansas contact Millennium Chiropractic today!