Healthy Game Day Snacks

Football season is finally here! Many Razorback fans have been waiting for this season since the last season ended, and for the chance to gather together with friends and family and show their support on game day.

When people think of game day food, they think nachos, brats, burgers, wings, potato chips, and pretty much anything else that is unhealthy and bad for you. Treating yourself to a bratwurst or a burger every once in a while isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you’re feasting on junk food every weekend for three months straight, all of that unhealthy food can start to affect your health.

But you don’t have to eat unhealthy food in order to cheer on your favorite football team. Here are some ideas for healthy game day snacks.

Fans tend to go nuts, so you should have a snacking option to compliment. Almonds, cashews peanuts, or any other type of nut offer a healthy snack choice for game day.

Hummus is filling and nutritious. It can be used for sandwiches, or eaten as a dip.

Slice up some apples, and add a little bit of lemon juice to keep them from oxidizing and turning brown. Orange slices are another quick and easy fruit that can be prepared for a game day platter. A bowl of fruit salad is a good way to get a variety of fruits on the table.

Put out a nice vegetable spread. Chopped celery and raw broccoli are a good place to start, and baby carrots require practically no preparation. Open a bag and pour them into a bowl. Baby carrots are great on their own, but they are also terrific when dipped in hummus or peanut butter.

Spinach artichoke dip might not the healthiest option, but it’s a healthier alternative to a big bowl of cheese dip. It’s also a game day classic. Put the dip next to the vegetables instead of using chips.

Believe it or not, popcorn is still tasty even when it’s not butterlogged and coated in salt. Plain popcorn is a nutritious game day snack that’s great for munching.

If you’re looking for healthy game day food that’s a bit more substantial, try something along the lines of veggie or turkey wraps. Low-fat turkey burgers are also a good alternative to burgers made with red meat.

image from flickr