Healthy Aging

Had Ponce de León found the Fountain of Youth, none of us would ever have to worry about aging. Unfortunately, Ponce de León never found a magical source of water that could keep us young forever, so we have to take aging in stride and do what we can to stay healthy. September is Healthy Aging Month, so here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to health in old age.

As our bodies age, it becomes more and more challenging to maintain both physical and mental health. One of the best ways to promote healthy aging is to develop good and healthy habits at a young age. It’s easier to continue healthy habits if they’re already in place. Living a healthful life also means that you will be in better health, which can help you stay healthy as you get older.

Get in the habit of eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. Eat more fresh foods and fewer processed foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, lean protein, and dairy. Limit the amount of fats and sugars you consume. This site from the USDA can serve as a guide for planning a healthy diet.

Visit your primary care physician on a regular basis. This is important at every stage in your life whether you’re one or one hundred. Your primary care physician can help you stay healthy throughout your life.

As you age, the types of exercises that you can do will start to change. You don’t want to be doing dead lifts as an 80 year old, but exercise will still be important. The older you are the harder it is for your body to retain muscle mass. Don’t focus on building muscle, but rather maintaining muscle. Low impact exercises are the way to go: walking, swimming, yoga, and dance may all be good choices.

Don’t forget about your mental health as you age. Being mentally active can help preserve your memory. Here are 10 tips from the UK-based Mental Health Foundation that can help you look after your mental health.