Health and Safety Tips for Spring Break

Spring break is a time to relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, heading to the beach, or vacationing out of the country, there are health risks to be aware of. Here are a few health and safety tips to ensure that you have a fun and safe spring break.

Have your primary care doctor’s name, number, and any information you may need written down in case of a medical emergency.

Some people have special medical requirements or conditions. Maybe these are things that your family or primary care doctor are aware of, but the doctors in a town you’re visiting don’t know this information. Wear a medical ID bracelet in case of a medical emergency.

If traveling out of the country, consider printing a medical ID in the language of the place you’re visiting.

When traveling to countries that speak a different language, learn important phrases for medical emergencies, or have them written down . This may include, “Where is the nearest hospital?”, “I need a doctor,” or “Call an ambulance”.

Do your research on the areas you’re going to visit. Make sure you’re aware of any health risks in the region. Is it safe to drink the water? Are there vector-borne diseases to worry about? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer lots of great health information for travelers.

Make sure you fill prescriptions before you leave town.

Be sure to pack any prescriptions or medications that you have been advised to take by your doctor.

Wash your hands often.

Stick with your healthy diet and regular exercise.

Avoid risky behaviors such as smoking, binge drinking, and unprotected sex.

Know how to avoid accidents and injuries, such as skiing injuries.

Never drink and drive.

Consider purchasing travel insurance to help with any unforeseen medical issues. Your health insurance probably does not cover medical care in foreign countries. 

Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician before you leave town. Improve communication and maintain that relationship. Ask your doctor if there’s anything that you should be mindful of on your travels or do before your trip.