Gimme Five!

On the 5th anniversary of Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move!” campaign, she asked all Americans to celebrate with #GimmeFive. Use the hashtag at Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or wherever to share five ways you’re going to keep getting healthier, and then challenge your friends to do the same.

One of the most popular lists at Twitter right now is this one:

Cook at home ✓ Add fruits and veggies ✓ Eat with family ✓ Drink water ✓ Follow @MyPlate

Beyonce shared five of her favorite workout moves on Instagram.

The First Lady asked for a list of five great vegetables, and here are five that you might be overlooking:

  • radicchio
  • leeks
  • jicama
  • fennel
  • radishes

Add some of these to your soups and salads to bring back the excitement to your 5 veggies a day.

We’re also seeing suggestions to add just 5 minutes a day of exercise, to catch 5 waves with your friends, and to eat five servings of fruit.

The First Lady also issued some #GimmeFive challenges to friends, like this one:

You’re up @RachaelRay: healthy-choice recipes you can make with five ingredients

Here’s a list of 5 healthy habits we’d like to see everyone take up:

  • Quit smoking or don’t start.
  • Take 10,000 steps each day — or get active in another way.
  • Make sure half your plate is filled with vegetables at every meal.
  • Sleep well every night.
  • See your healthcare provider for all the health tests you need.

Okay, it’s your turn! #GimmeFive in the comments and challenge your friends.