Getting Used to Life With COVID-19

Facts and information about the coronavirus pandemic are constantly changing. Visit the CDC site for the most up-to-date information during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Arkansas announced its first case of COVID-19 on March 11th, 2020. Many people viewed the virus differently in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak than during the weeks that followed. Now, the United States has been living with coronavirus for months, and we’ve grown accustomed to life with COVID-19.

For some this familiarity means getting used to lifestyle changes: no longer shaking hands, staying six feet away from others, and wearing a face covering in public places. Familiarity for others means that they no longer view COVID-19 as a threat.

Coronavirus is still present in our communities, and it is still a public health threat. Continue protecting yourself, your family, and those around you from COVID-19. Click To Tweet

Getting used to life with COVID-19

The longer  you’re around something, the less noticeable it becomes. We get used to things. You start to tune out the sounds of construction going on outside your office. A pair of squeaky shoes become less noticeable over time. The threat of COVID-19 seems less severe when it hasn’t yet affected someone in your life.

We’ve lived with coronavirus in our community for months now, and we’re getting accustomed to life with COVID-19. 

Maybe when the coronavirus outbreak first started, you stocked up on groceries and isolated at home for 14 days. You washed your hands diligently, disinfected surfaces regularly, and avoided contact with others as much possible.

Now, maybe you’re not as cautious. You try to follow the rules, but you’ve gathered with friends and family, you don’t wash your hands as often as you should, and you don’t always remember to wear your mask out in public. 

Coronavirus is still a public health threat

Businesses in Arkansas are resuming operation and restrictions are being lifted. However, this does not mean that COVID-19 is less contagious or less of a threat than we originally thought. It doesn’t mean that coronavirus has gone away.

The virus is still present in our communities, and it is still deadly. Northwest Arkansas saw a surge in COVID-19 cases. Millions around the world have been diagnosed with the disease, and it’s claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

With fewer restrictions in place, we must be even more careful when we are around others.

We must remember that there are new cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas every day. The disease can affect our loved ones — our friends, our neighbors, and our relatives. We must continue doing our part to protect ourselves and those around us by preventing the spread of the virus.

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Small adjustments that can make a big difference in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

While we must adjust to life with COVID-19, we must also protect the health of our communities. Continue doing your part to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.