10 Ideas for Fun Family Spring Outdoors

Springtime means outdoor fun. You’ve been cooped up all winter, but now that the weather is nice, it’s time to get outside and enjoy some healthy outdoor activities with the whole family. Here are ten ideas for family outdoor activities!

Take the dog for a walk

Walking is great exercise, and it’s something that the whole family can do together. Walking 30 minutes everyday can help you maintain a healthy heart. So you might as well help your dog get some exercise too while you’re at it!

Go for a hike

Hit the trail and do get some exercise out in nature. There are tons of different trails with varying lengths and difficulties, so be sure you do you’re research before you head out.

Grab a paddle

The water might still be a little too cold for swimming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water any way! Hop in a canoe or kayak and head to the river or lake.

Go for a picnic

Research suggests that families can receive health benefits from sharing meals together. So plan a picnic, pick a beautiful spot, and take your family outdoors for a nice meal and some quality time.

Let the hunt begin!

Geocaching is basically like modern day treasure hunting. This can be a fun and exciting new way to spend time with your family.

Take a spin

Who doesn’t love riding a bicycle? Take the family to a bike trail or go for a ride through your neighborhood.

Play a game

Pick a schoolyard classic like tag or hide and seek, kick a soccer ball around, or get creative and make up your own game!

Plant a garden

Not only is this a great way to spend time with your family, but you get a lot out of it. Your family can continue to spend time in the garden and enjoy all of the fresh and healthy vegetables to come!

Sleep beneath the stars

You don’t have to venture way out into the backcountry wilderness to camp out (although the view might be better). Set up camp in your own backyard, or plan a trip to a campground, and enjoy some time in the great outdoors!

Watch the sun rise (or set)

There are few things more beautiful than an early morning sunrise. However, good luck telling that to a late riser. If you can’t get your family to catch a sunrise, sunsets are a close second.