FirstCare Family Doctors Will Change Name To MANA Family Medicine in 2020

After 20 years of being part of MANA, FirstCare Family Doctors will be rebranding to MANA Family Medicine in January 2020. The physicians, ownership, and services will remain the same at the seven family medicine clinics in Northwest Arkansas, but the blue sun logo will change to the MANA family of faces logo on all signs, materials, and communications.

In 1999, the family medicine group, along with Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics and Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, founded Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas in an effort to share resources and costs while maintaining their focus on quality, compassionate care. At that time, there were 30 physician owners in MANA. Today, MANA’s mission is carried out by 100 physicians and advanced practice providers.

“MANA is recognized throughout the Northwest Arkansas community as a leader in healthcare, and we want to be more easily recognized as part of the physician group,” said Dr. Al Gordon. “Having different practice names at each location is confusing to new residents and even to our existing patients. Northwest Arkansas is growing, and we want to have a more cohesive image as MANA Family Medicine.”

Ownership is not changing. Under the MANA practice model, the physicians who practice at a location are owners of that practice and shareholders in the larger physician group. Each family medicine clinic will continue to be the same caring environment that provides compassionate, comprehensive care to each patient.

MANA clinics share one registration, medical record, and billing system. That means patients can visit various MANA clinics without having to fill out duplicate forms or sending over their medical records. Patients can access all their healthcare information on the myMANA health portal.

After the branding update, MANA Family Medicine will have eight independent locations in the Fayetteville-Rogers Metro area: 3340 North College Avenue in Fayetteville; 2523 East Huntsville Road, Fayetteville; 775 East Douglas Road, Prairie Grove; 1109 West End Street, Springdale; 4401 South Thompson, Springdale; 171 North Maestri Road/Highway 112, Springdale; and the newest location at 3730 Pinnacle Hills Parkway, Rogers. MANA Family Medicine opened in Rogers in May 2018.

At MANA Family Medicine, the physicians practice at the same neighborhood location each day and do not rotate between locations with the exception of the South Fayetteville and Elkins clinics.