Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic Renovation

Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic and Endoscopy Center Renovation
MANA Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic is currently undergoing construction in several areas including Pulmonary Medicine, Physical Therapy, and the Endoscopy Center that is expected to be completed in May.


  • Medical records relocated. Look for the convenient window at the end of the west corridor on the first floor.
  • Bone Density has been moved near the Gastroenterology clinic.
  • Pulmonary Medicine added four exam rooms, a nurses station and relocated the Pulmonary Diagnostics lab upstairs next to the pulmonlogists’ clinic.

Construction In Process

  • Physical Therapy is expanding in the back portion of the building. PT patients will now have a lovely view of the park as they do their exercises.
  • Patient flow will change. In the past, patients could enter the main atrium from the left or from the right corridor. The renovation will include expanding the west corridor.
  • Endoscopy Center will have a separate entrance, add administrative space, a larger patient lobby and procedure rooms.
  • The main atrium will have a facelift and feature designated check-in areas for laboratory, Imaging, and physical therapy.

We apologize for any inconvenience during the construction and appreciate your patience. We can’t wait to show off our updated facility that better fits the needs of our patients. If you have any problems navigating the clinic, please ask one of our helpful staff members for assistance.