Enjoy the Festival of Sleep

January 3 is a little known holiday, the Festival of Sleep. Today, as you recover from New Year’s Eve and plan your New Year Resolutions, consider celebrating the Festival of Sleep.

Sleep in (a little)

Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. During the pandemic, a lot of us are not sleeping as well as we should.  This can weaken the immune system. Give yourself permission to get an extra hour of sleep for the Festival of Sleep.

Don’t stretch it out to three or four hours of extra sleep, though. In general, our bodies work better when we go to bed and get up at just about the same time every day.

If you prefer, you could add an early afternoon nap to help you catch up on your sleep.

Rest (a lot)

You might not choose to sleep all day, but the Festival of Sleep is the one day of the year when it is completely acceptable to stay in bed all day. Read, listen to podcasts, or watch movies with your family.

Wear your pajamas and call out for meals if you want. Make a great big salad ahead of time to make sure you get your veggies, too. Planning ahead for food will keep the day relaxing.

Wear comfy pajamas or sweats so you can be comfortable all day. Let the whole family bunk together, invite your furry friends in, or spend the day by yourself in blissful sleep.

Unplug (completely)

You don’t have to answer the phone, check your email, or post on social media during the Festival of Sleep. For all anyone knows, you’re sleeping!

If you want to spend the day unplugged, be sure to put all your devices in another room and turn off all your notifications.

To celebrate the Festival of Sleep, you really don’t have to do anything at all. However, after the excitement of the holidays, this is a good day to think about your own wellbeing and self care. Make plans for better sleep hygiene in the New Year, and start the first work week of the year feeling truly refreshed.