Disaster & Emergency Hardship Relief Program for Healthcare Employees

The MANA Charitable Disaster and Emergency Hardship Relief Fund provides assistance to healthcare employees who have experienced a disaster or emergency hardship beyond their control or one in their immediate family.

The Disaster and Emergency Hardship Relief Fund was established to aid in disaster relief and emergency hardship situations. It seeks to assist healthcare employees who lack the necessities of life, involving physical, mental, or emotional well-being, due to poverty or temporary distress. Examples of needy persons include a person who is financially impoverished as a result of low income and lack of financial resources, a person who temporarily lacks food or shelter (and the means to prove it), a person who is temporarily not self-sufficient as a result of a sudden and severe personal or family crisis (such as a person who is the victim of a crime of violence or who has been physically abused), and a person who is not self-sufficient as a result of previous institutionalization. Types of requests that will be considered for approval will include basic necessities, health and welfare needs including, but are not limited to rent, electric, gas, and water services, food, or disaster relief assistance. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the applicant must be in good standing with the company.

Funding will not exceed $200.00 per event. However, the committee may make an exception for unusual circumstances. Applicants may not receive assistance more than once per event. They may, however, apply again for another unique event.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any Northwest Arkansas resident who works in the healthcare field is applicable for assistance from the MANA Disaster and Emergency Hardship Relief fund.

Anyone may apply for the benefit of another person, as long as the recipient is made aware of the application submission. If the application is made for another person, the individual with the emergency or a family member, should the grant recipient be incapacitated, will be contacted to confirm and complete details for the application.

The application must be completed by the healthcare worker and supporting documentation must be attached.  The applicant must be willing to be contacted and additional supporting documentation may be required.    

How do I apply?

Complete the application linked below, do not leave any blanks, and include copies of supporting documents, including any receipts. All applications should be returned to the Fayetteville Area Community Foundation. The Grantmaking Committee of the Fayetteville Area Community Foundation will approve or disapprove the application and notify the applicant.

Disaster Emergency Form

Mail to Arkansas Community Foundation – Fayetteville Area
PO Box 997, Fayetteville,  AR 72702
Phone: (479) 444-6880