Adolescent Health Care

Adolescent health careNorthwest Arkansas Pediatrics provides compassionate adolescent health care for adolescents from puberty to age 21.

Adolescent care brings its own challenges. Neither children nor adults, teens face many of the healthcare issues of both. Teens need support to establish positive health habits.

Adolescent Health Care

Often, teens need someone besides a parent or peer to talk with about sensitive issues. Our pediatricians are ready to talk to you on the many issues that affect your adolescent:

  • Parent-teen Communication
  • Peer pressure
  • Nutrition 
  • Emotional development
  • Substance abuse
  • Puberty and Sexual Development
  • Safety and High-Risk Behavior

Sports Physicals

Athletics are a wonderful way for your teen to get exercise and participate in a team. Beginning in Junior High School, many school sports require a physical to participate. We can add on a sports physical to your child’s annual wellness visit upon request. The pediatrician will review your child’s health and physical fitness to ensure they are ready to participate in the sport. 

Adolescent Immunizations

Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics provides age-appropriate vaccines for teens. 

Meet Our Pediatricians

Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics is the largest pediatrics group in Arkansas with 20 board-certified pediatricians. Established in 1983, our pediatricians are committed to listening to your child and providing compassionate, comprehensive, quality health care.  

Meet our pediatricians

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You may schedule a wellness exam for your teen at our Wellness Clinic in Fayetteville or at our Pinnacle Hills Clinic. Our pediatricians provide care to adolescents and young adults up to age 21. 

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Wellness Clinic Locations

At Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics, a separate Wellness Clinic offers a safe environment for infants and well children. Sick children are seen in a separate Acute Care Clinic to keep viruses from spreading to your newborn and other well children. Annual checkups will be in the Wellness Clinic.

Look for the blue stethoscope on the door! 

Fayetteville Wellness Clinic 
3383 N. MANA Court, Suite 101, Fayetteville
(479) 443-3471

Pinnacle Hills Wellness Clinic
3730 Pinnacle Hills Parkway, Suite 3, Rogers
(479) 464-5597

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