Titleist Performance Institute/TPI training


Dr. Whitelaw and Dr. Walker of Millennium Chiropractic were among the first Titleist certified Golf Fitness Instructors in Northwest Arkansas. They both attended the Titleist Performance Institute and earned TPI certification for medical professionals. Drs. Whitelaw and Walker have extensive experience helping patients recover from golf-specific injuries, prevent golf injuries, and improving golf fitness.

19 of the last 20 major golf championships were won by players advised by TPI certified professionals. Dr. Whitelaw and Dr. Walker were among the first Titleist certified Golf Fitness Instructors  in Northwest Arkansas. Click To Tweet

What is golf fitness?

One of the main goals of TPI training is to “increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing.” Promoting good health as a player and good golf fitness are also central for TPI certified instructors.

Golf fitness isn’t about being the strongest player on the course, or having the longest drive. It’s about playing to your potential, preventing injury, and promoting good health as a golfer.

Improving your fitness as a golfer

Titleist certified instructors help players elevate performance by helping them understand the capabilities and limitations of their bodies. This means educating players to understand the connection between the physical movement of the swing and biomechanics.

There’s more than one way to swing a club. The most efficient swing for one golfer isn’t going to be the most efficient swing for another. A player’s swing is specific to their body.

TPI certified instructors analyze the player’s swing, and assess mobility, stability, flexibility, power, balance, among other factors. They then develop a custom golf conditioning program based on your evaluation. This may include strengthening, conditioning, physical rehabilitation, or swing coaching. Swing coaching will help you find your most efficient swing and even transfer through your body into your golf swing. They may also help players work on mental strategy.

Did you know that there are golf-specific injuries?

Overuse technique issues can result in injuries associated with golf swings. Titleist certified Golf Fitness Instructors can quickly identify  and rehabilitate these injuries, and help players prevent these injuries from occurring in the future.

If you need care for a golf injury, you want to learn how to prevent golf-specific injuries, or you’re looking to improve your golf game, meet with the TPI certified Golf Fitness Instructors at Millennium Chiropractic. The doctors at Millennium Chiropractic also provides comprehensive chiropractic care, sports medicine care, rehabilitation, and a variety of specialized services.

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