An x-ray produces images of the inside of your body, particularly your bones.

The x-ray produces black and white images, where the denser areas of the body, such as bones, will appear white. X-rays can reveal fractures, masses, infections, enlargements of certain organs, and foreign objects amongst many other things. Although there is some radiation exposure, it is an extremely minimal amount and the risk of an x-ray causing damage is extremely low.

Preparing for Your Exam

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, or believe you could be, as this may change the type of imaging that is done.

You may be asked to undress and put on a gown for your x-ray and remove any jewelry, glasses, or other metal objects, depending on the part of your body being studied. The x-ray technologist will then position your body correctly and move a machine around you to take the x-ray picture. You may have to wear a special vest for your x-ray as well. The test itself is non-invasive, and generally takes just a few minutes.


Most MANA Clinics offer x-ray on-site including Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, MANA Family Medicine locations, and MANA Urgent Care