Choose Your MRI Facility


When your doctor recommends MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), you might be referred to a hospital where he or she is affiliated. This MRI facility might not be the best choice for you — or even your doctor’s top choice.

You don’t have to follow that recommendation.

Many patients do not realize they can choose where to have their imaging exam instead of going where a doctor refers them. You can choose the best imaging facility for your needs.


MANA’s MRI is accredited by the American College of Radiology, ensuring you are receiving the highest quality exam. Our team of experienced radiologists are board-certified by the American College of Radiology. Dr. Thomas Hinton, Dr. Benjamin Lowery, and Dr. Shawn Marvin are fellowship-trained in Musculoskeletal Imaging, and Dr. Vanessa Branch is a certified neuroradiologist. In addition, our technologists who perform the exam are focused on patient comfort and quality images. 

MANA MRI recently purchased a new 3-Tesla MRI in August 2020. The updated MRI provides a more comfortable experience with a broader bore opening. 3-T MRI is a faster exam for you, and higher quality images for your physician. 

All these factors make a difference in the quality of your MRI.

There are other factors, too. Having an MRI at a hospital can mean inconvenient parking, longer waiting times, higher costs, and a more stressful environment. MANA MRI offers convenient parking a few feet from the entrance to our MRI facility. Patients can enter the front door and check-in with the receptionist for their exam. 

Cost of an MRI Exam

The cost of an MRI exam can vary a lot from one facility to another. At MANA Imaging, our priority is providing a high-quality exam at the lowest cost. MANA strives to be transparent with our patients about the costs of the exam prior to their appointment. 

MANA MRI does not charge a facility fee that is common with hospital MRI exams. 

Patients with and without insurance can schedule exams at MANA Imaging. MANA MRI provides the cost of the exam prior to the appointment. If you have insurance, the cost of the exam is determined by a contract with your insurance provider. If you are not insured, we offer low self-pay rates. 

Prior to the exam, MANA MRI will provide the patient with a bill for the MRI exam that includes charges for performing the exam and the radiologist reading the images. The MANA radiologist will provide a full report and the images to your doctor. Payment for the exam is due at the time of service. If a contrast agent is used during the exam, MANA will send an additional bill to the patient after the exam. The cost of the contrast is determined by the quantity used and can be up to $200. 

How to get an appointment

You can ask your doctor to arrange an appointment at MANA MRI. Your physician can schedule an MRI by calling 479-684-3900.

You can also call with any questions, and we will help you schedule your MRI. Please also see MANA MRI Frequently Asked Questions

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